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Heart Healthy Diet
Increase Soluble Fiber * Eat at least 5 Servings of fruit and vegetables per day (1/2 cup each)
* Eat oatmeal, cold cereal and oat breads
* Eat Barley & Brown rice
Increase Omega3 Fatty Acids * Eat Fish frequently, especially mackerel, salmon and tuna
* Include walnuts, flax seed & leafy green vegetables
* Eat wild game and fish when you can
* Limit or avoid processed foods
Eat More Foods High in B Vitamins B6 Whole grains-whole wheat, brown rice, barley
Folic Acid: Leafy green vegetables
B12: Lean meats, low fat dairy products
Eat 2-3 Servings of Fat-Free Dairy Products Daily * Drink Nonfat or Skim milk
* Use fat-free sour cream & cream cheese
* Eat fat-free yogurt
* Buy low fat cheese
Food Contains Potential Benefit
Oatmeal, Barley, Dried Beans Fruits and Veggies Soluble Fiber Lowers cholesterol
Fish Omega-3 Fatty Acids Lowers Triglyceride
Fruits and veggies Phytochemicals, Vitamins and Fiber Protects against Heart Disease and Cancer
Garlic Phytochemicals Lowers Cholesterol
Soy Phytochemicals Lowers Cholesterol
Wine/Grape Juice Flavonoids Protects against heart disease